October 27, 2016 Kerstin Bodily

Team Member Steve Freeman

Extreme Exteriors Team Member Spotlightextreme exteriors team member

Who he is: Steve Freeman, Senior Consultant for Development, Growth, and Team Leadership (Retired Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for 30 years.) Steve, “Coach”, has worked in his current position with the Extreme Exteriors team for 2 1/2 years.

Steve and his wife of 37 years, Jani, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. Steve says, “Our family enjoys family time. Lake Brownwood has been a destination for me since I was five years old. Growing up on a family farm and ranch operation around Roscoe, Texas, my four siblings grew up knowing how to work. Back when “getting caught up” was still a terminology that meant something, my mom and dad would reward us by taking us to Lake Brownwood for a few days. A few years later, the lake continued to be a special destination for our children. Now our grandchildren enjoy the same stretches of smooth water we enjoyed when I was a kid. Only now, we live on the lake. Just about anything that happens at our place these days is a festive event, no matter the day, month, or season.” 

“Our family continues to have a strong interest in Texas high school and college football. Game days are a big deal with our family! Growing up working on the farm and ranch and having a grandfather in construction, I still tap into those areas. I normally have a welding project waiting in the wings to work on in a hobby-type way. Messing with equipment is enjoyable, with emphasis on the “messing with” part, which is a lot different than the daily grind of necessity while growing up. My hobbies normally involve a project and most often includes family help.

Why he does what he does: “I’ve been in and around athletics my entire life, and most of my life has involved being on a team or a staff of people. I’ve been very fortunate not to have ever been on a bad team or staff, but that doesn’t mean that we won all the time. The point is that we were all working toward doing all the things necessary to win. When retiring from the coaching profession almost three years ago, my every intention was to quickly be positioned in the batter’s box of entrepreneurial business. My number one priority was to continue with a good team and a good staff. I was introduced to Extreme Exteriors and discovered that a good team and a good staff was looking me square in the eye. I was clearly drawn to the beautiful work and credibility of Extreme Exteriors. The need to work for the win hasn’t changed, nor has the need of a good team working together to gain success. Extreme Exteriors continues to enhance the important things I’ve believed in throughout my athletic coaching career. Every day is an opportunity just as it’s always been — only now our Extreme Exteriors team can play again tomorrow and we don’t have to wait until the next season! 






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