June 15, 2017 Kerstin Bodily

Team member Aaron Briley

Who he is: Aaron Briley, Project Manager

Aaron was born and raised in Winters, Texas. He attended Novice High School and Western Texas College and graduated with a degree in Golf Landscaping Technology. Aaron is a Texas Tech Red Raiders fan and his favorite thing about living in Texas is the open attitude to learning and the exceptional friendliness towards new people. Aaron and his wife Mariah have two sons, Quentin (7) and Albert (2). As a family, they enjoy gardening, playing board games, and traveling. In his free time, Aaron likes to golf.

Why he does what he does: “The goal for the Extreme team is to give our customers a living, touchable vision of their dreams. I enjoy being a part of taking someone’s abstract concept and breathe it into a slice of paradise right there in the backyard. We are constantly changing, growing, and helping make the customer happy.”

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