October 20, 2017 Kerstin Bodily

Stephen and April Herriage

Project: Pool and spa, custom firepit, pavers, landscaping

Why: Their home is a gathering place for their family. With the addition of the pool, Stephen says the family frequently comes over early and stay late!

Extreme Exteriors Services Used: Design and Construction

Stephen and April love to be outside and with a newly built home, they had a blank canvas to work with. They both wanted to add a pool because as Stephen said, “It’s much better than a swingset!”

The Extreme Exteriors design team created a unique, crescent-shaped spa as well as a jumping rock with waterfall on the far end of the pool. “What he (Randy) drew up, we liked,” Stephen said, “we didn’t tweak it all.” Stephen and April both enjoy looking at these features when they’re inside; in fact, they both said the spa and waterfall are their favorite parts of the design. He also commented that the waterfall is probably the kids’ favorite part because of the jumping rock.

Stephen and April’s experience in working with the Extreme Exteriors team was very positive. Stephen said, “The quality of the work was good and if you could see the original plan, it’s pretty spot on to what I thought I was going to get. Also, at no point did any of them attempt to cut a corner. I feel like it was done right.”

Stephen and April’s only regret is that they didn’t start the project sooner. He said they practically live outside and once their outdoor TV’s are mounted, they may never come back inside! Because the pool is heated and the spa is always warm, they feel that they can get year-round enjoyment of their new outdoor living space. 

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