November 10, 2016 Kerstin Bodily

Meet Gary and Ginger Causey

causey5Project: Pool/spa (spool), pavers, sod, landscaping, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen

Why: The drought years had taken their toll on the backyard. Gary and Ginger knew their view of the golf course had the potential to look really amazing. Gary is a do-it-yourselfer, but he knew what they wanted would require professional services. They also finally had the time to enjoy being at home, after many years of frequent travel to support their sons’ sporting activities.

Extreme Exteriors Services Used: Design, construction, irrigation, retail

Good things often start with imagination and creativity. Ginger and Gary had both of these qualities in abundance as they pictured a causey3beautiful backyard for their home. Having lived in their home for twelve years, they knew the potential it had – and the challenge it would be to bring out that potential. “I would have loved to do it myself, but it was too big of a job. We wanted something worthwhile to match the view and add value to the home,” Gary said.

At around the same time as the Causey’s were seriously considering upgrading the backyard, the golf course was undergoing a major revision. The greens close to their property were redone and the lake was enlarged. Thankfully this made their view even more beautiful than it was before, and provided additional motivation to move forward. 

Ginger and Gary wanted an outdoor fireplace or a firepit, a moderately-sized outdoor kitchen, new landscaping, and just enough grass for their new dog, Kona, to have a place to play. After meeting with the design team, Ginger and Gary decided to include a spool as well. Because the Causey’s yard is very open, it doesn’t have natural wind breaks such as tall trees, so they realized a firepit would likely be causey1too smoky for the space. A large outdoor fireplace with the natural stone that Gary liked was chosen and constructed, matching the stone on the spool and highlighting the color of the travertine pavers. Ginger especially likes the Versailles pattern of the pavers they chose.

The project has only been completed for a couple of weeks; but in that time, Ginger has enjoyed spending time outside on the patio, just watching people go by on the golf course. Gary and Ginger have spent some time in the spool and even Kona has tried it out a little! Ginger is very happy that the project was completed on schedule and that the team was so helpful. “They said to call at any time if I had questions and they were very responsive to our desires. They sent me pictures of exactly what to do with the spool and also made a video of how to test the chemicals so I wouldn’t forget. The crews were very respectful and were some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.”causey2

Gary and Ginger envisioned a nice place to relax and socialize and as of now, it’s nearly picture-perfect. The big-screen TV is in the box ready to be installed, and the Extreme Exteriors team has only a few minor adjustments to make to the outdoor kitchen and landscaping. Other than that, Ginger’s friends are asking, “When are we having a girls’ night?” The Causey’s may end up being more popular than they want to be! In all seriousness, the backyard looks amazing and definitely adds the value to their home that they were looking for. There’s no doubt at all that they have many years ahead of enjoying their Extreme Exteriors renovation to the fullest.causeyfinal

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