October 20, 2017 Kerstin Bodily

Freshen up for fall

photo courtesy: pexels.com

Spring is the season we typically equate with new life and new growth – a season of renewal. Even with that being true, fall remains an excellent time to breathe new life into the yard or garden. How is that so? Some thoughts probably come to mind easily, such as re-seeding the lawn. But there are other things you can do at this time of year that will make a big difference right now and will also be a benefit come springtime.

Many summer annuals have run their course. Instead of letting their pots stay empty for several months, try planting some winter pansies or ornamental cabbage. If you’re unsure of what to do, just call the ever-helpful Miranda Alumbaugh in our Abilene office and she will be more than happy to give you some pointers! Fall is also a wonderful time to give new trees a healthy start. Planting in the fall allows trees to develop their root system before warmer months roll around. Our Extreme Exteriors designers can help you determine the right trees for your home and our landscaping crews will do an excellent job planting any new trees if that is something you would like help with.

American Smoke Tree, photo courtesy: wildflower.org

With our busy lifestyles, sometimes it is hard to keep live plants flourishing. If this is a challenge for you, there are still solutions! Just as cut flowers breathe life into a room, many plants are harvested in the fall and can make your outdoor space look more alive. A few bright orange pumpkins will really add some color, as will striped or spotted gourds. Consider how an interior designer uses texture in a space, and think about adding some corn stalks or hay bales to add variety and visual interest. If you want to add something green, why not consider a small evergreen? They can go in pots or into the ground and will be a welcome constant as the seasons change.

Finally, remember that fall is a wonderful time to plant various tubers and bulbs, giving you something to look forward to when spring does roll around. We encourage you to try one or two things this season to keep your exterior looking fresh and vibrant. We’re here to help if you need a question answered or a design created for your unique space. Most of all, we hope you enjoy this wonderful season of the year!

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