Team member Steven Crowder

Who he is: Steven Crowder, Branch Production Agent

Steven was born and raised in Abilene, Texas and graduated from Wylie High School. He has been a staple to the Extreme Exteriors team for over ten years! Steven stays very busy overseeing scheduling, purchasing, and receiving at the Abilene branch, and he also has extensive experience as a project manager. When he has downtime, he enjoys golfing and hunting. You may also find him out on the lake or watching a Texas Rangers game. Steven is kind of quiet, but he has a dry sense of humor with a touch of irony that keeps the mood in the office light!

Why he does what he does: “I have been with Extreme Exteriors from the beginning and with Randy before that. I’ve seen many different ideas and designs for clients. When Extreme Exteriors is given an idea for an outdoor living space, I enjoy being part of making it come to life for the client to enjoy their own unique outdoor living.”

Team member Kerstin Bodily

Who she is: Retail sales consultant / Marketing team leader

I grew up in southern Oregon, but I’ve also lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, Olympia, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband Chris and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in December, and we have four children, Elizabeth (15), Bret (13), Ethan (10), and Jenise (9). We moved to Texas seven years ago and I’ve been fortunate to work for Extreme Exteriors the past two years. In my free time I enjoy reading, walking my dog Ashes, visiting friends, scrapbooking and baking. I’m a word nerd so I also love playing Scrabble. 

Why she does what she does: “I love working at Extreme Exteriors for many different reasons. One of them is the quality of our team. I know I’m valued as an important part of Extreme Exteriors, and I equally value the contributions made by other members of the team. Another reason is that our workmanship is so creative. It’s fun to be part of something truly transformative. There’s also a culture of optimism at Extreme Exteriors that makes it enjoyable to come to work every day.” 

Team member Aaron Briley

Who he is: Aaron Briley, Project Manager

Aaron was born and raised in Winters, Texas. He attended Novice High School and Western Texas College and graduated with a degree in Golf Landscaping Technology. Aaron is a Texas Tech Red Raiders fan and his favorite thing about living in Texas is the open attitude to learning and the exceptional friendliness towards new people. Aaron and his wife Mariah have two sons, Quentin (7) and Albert (2). As a family, they enjoy gardening, playing board games, and traveling. In his free time, Aaron likes to golf.

Why he does what he does: “The goal for the Extreme team is to give our customers a living, touchable vision of their dreams. I enjoy being a part of taking someone’s abstract concept and breathe it into a slice of paradise right there in the backyard. We are constantly changing, growing, and helping make the customer happy.”

Team Members Randy and Mikea Glenn

Who they are: Randy Glenn, Company President and Mikea Glenn, Retail Manager

Without Randy and Mikea, there would be no Extreme Exteriors team to talk about, so we’re very excited to introduce them as our spotlight this month. Randy and Mikea both attended Wylie High School in Abilene. Randy studied business at McMurry University and Mikea attended Texas Tech University. They love going to Lake Brownwood with their daughter, Lanier, most weekends in the spring and summer. You can also find them enjoying getaways to Destin, Florida when they have the chance.  Mikea oversees all aspects of the retail team, and has done so ever since the grand opening of the Extreme Exteriors Garden Center in Abilene ten years ago this month! She’s currently leading the team’s efforts to open the Extreme Exteriors showroom in Fort Worth. As company president, Randy wears many hats. He loves meeting with clients and planning their dream outdoor spaces, which keeps him on the road quite a bit. When he’s in the office, you’ll find him drawing up designs and overseeing operations.

Why they do what they do: “We have the best jobs! Our team provides spaces for families and friends to come together and enjoy each other. We believe that the best seat in the house is with the company you keep, and that should be in your own backyard.”

Team Member Derek Koen

Who he is: Derek Koen, Accounts Receivable and Asset Manager

Derek was born and raised in Abilene, graduating from Abilene High School. Derek has a B.S. in Accounting from McMurry University. Derek loves any recreational sport, but especially enjoys kayaking, bowling, and playing disc golf. He recently got married and describes his wife lovingly: “My incredibly talented wife Melanie is an eighth-grade algebra teacher at Abilene ISD and we have been married for four months now.” They have a one-year-old husky named Aspen who they like to take to the park. Derek and Melanie also enjoy spending weekends with their families. Derek worked part-time for Extreme Exteriors before joining the team full-time in December 2016. 

Why he does what he does: “I do what I do for Extreme Exteriors for a sense of accomplishment. I strive every day to leave work knowing I’ve done work that matters and that I have assisted in turning our clients’ dreams into reality.”

Team Member Archie Crosby

Extreme Exteriors Team Member Spotlight

Who he is: Archie Crosby, Purchasing Agent

Archie has worked for Extreme Exteriors for a year and half. He enjoys camping trips with his family and taking nice long road trips to Georgia, where he grew up.  He misses the tall pines of south Georgia, but he’s settled into country life with his beautiful wife and soul mate Shasta. Together they have a daughter, Scarlett, and two sons, Evan and Frost. They also have two dogs, six cats, and a small flock of chickens. His land adjoins his brother’s and his parent’s, and Archie enjoys being close enough to spend time with family but far enough away to still have his own space. Archie also enjoys drawing, helping others, going to zoos with his kids, and working outdoors.

Why he does what he does: “The why is such an important part of our lives. It’s who we are. Why is not a question, it’s an answer. I want to be part of something that is so much bigger than myself and I get to do that with Extreme Exteriors. I get to help make memories for families and generations. I’m a part of that regardless of whether I get credit or not. I don’t need my name passed around the fireplace we built. I just get to know that I was a small piece of that positive effect on someone’s life.” 

Team Member Jake Griffith

Extreme Exteriors Team Member Spotlight

Who he is: Jake Griffith, Project Manager

Jake has worked for Extreme Exteriors for seven years. Over the years, he’s worked on some pretty large projects and has been a part of exciting changes within the company. He lives in Hamlin, Texas with his wife Kimberly and children Hailey, Lexi, and Charlie. He also has two dogs, Bobo and Harley. Jake’s interests include old cars and rat rods. Jake enjoys hanging out watching movies with his family and playing video games. And whether you call it a recreational activity or a necessary evil, from time to time he goes “varmint hunting.”

Why he does what he does: Jake enjoys that his work contributes to people’s happiness; and he loves how clients are able to make memories that carry on for generations.

Team Member King Buchanan

Extreme Exteriors Team Member Spotlight

Who he is: King Buchanan, Accounts Payable

King loves exercising and outdoor adventures! His favorite outdoor sports include skydiving, rock climbing, and hiking. This year, he’s also trained for and completed a variety of running and cycling races. In addition to his full-time work with Extreme Exteriors, King owns a small property rental business. He looks forward to building equity with his business for a more comfortable and stable future.

Why he does what he does:

King has worked for the Extreme Exteriors team for 3.5 years. The company has earned his loyalty through a culture of excellence and comradery along with caring and personable leadership. Building friendships within the team has been one of the many experiences he values from his time with Extreme Exteriors. King said, “It is common for people to attend work and communicate well with coworkers, but the work week becomes fun when you view your coworkers as your team and friends. I have been blessed by this taking place. I have also grown to love the products and quality that Extreme Exteriors provides. Meeting customers and seeing their excitement from our work is a powerful, driving force that inspires me to do my part for all our future customers. I do what I do because of my conviction for excellence, my loyalty to the team and leadership, and a desire to provide the absolute best to our customers.”

Team Member Blayne Street

Who he is: Blayne Street, Project Manager

Blayne and Lindley Street

Blayne and Lindley Street

Blayne loves everything about the outdoors, including golfing, hunting, fishing, or just plain working around the yard. He also loves spending time with his wife Lindley. They like to watch sports together, especially the Dallas Cowboys. Lindley works nights at Abilene Regional Hospital as a labor and delivery nurse, so the time they spend together is always precious. Blayne and Lindley are high school sweethearts and were married October 3, 2015, after they both graduated from college. Blayne said, “My wife is very outgoing and tough, but is also very kind, generous, and loving. She is going to be an amazing mom and will always be the love of my life.”

Why he does what he does:

“I do what I do with Extreme Exteriors because I feel that the work I perform matters. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to turn my customers’ dream outdoor living spaces into a reality. It gives them a space to make countless memories with their friends and family.”


Team Member Steve Freeman

Extreme Exteriors Team Member Spotlightextreme exteriors team member

Who he is: Steve Freeman, Senior Consultant for Development, Growth, and Team Leadership (Retired Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for 30 years.) Steve, “Coach”, has worked in his current position with the Extreme Exteriors team for 2 1/2 years.

Steve and his wife of 37 years, Jani, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. Steve says, “Our family enjoys family time. Lake Brownwood has been a destination for me since I was five years old. Growing up on a family farm and ranch operation around Roscoe, Texas, my four siblings grew up knowing how to work. Back when “getting caught up” was still a terminology that meant something, my mom and dad would reward us by taking us to Lake Brownwood for a few days. A few years later, the lake continued to be a special destination for our children. Now our grandchildren enjoy the same stretches of smooth water we enjoyed when I was a kid. Only now, we live on the lake. Just about anything that happens at our place these days is a festive event, no matter the day, month, or season.” 

“Our family continues to have a strong interest in Texas high school and college football. Game days are a big deal with our family! Growing up working on the farm and ranch and having a grandfather in construction, I still tap into those areas. I normally have a welding project waiting in the wings to work on in a hobby-type way. Messing with equipment is enjoyable, with emphasis on the “messing with” part, which is a lot different than the daily grind of necessity while growing up. My hobbies normally involve a project and most often includes family help.

Why he does what he does: “I’ve been in and around athletics my entire life, and most of my life has involved being on a team or a staff of people. I’ve been very fortunate not to have ever been on a bad team or staff, but that doesn’t mean that we won all the time. The point is that we were all working toward doing all the things necessary to win. When retiring from the coaching profession almost three years ago, my every intention was to quickly be positioned in the batter’s box of entrepreneurial business. My number one priority was to continue with a good team and a good staff. I was introduced to Extreme Exteriors and discovered that a good team and a good staff was looking me square in the eye. I was clearly drawn to the beautiful work and credibility of Extreme Exteriors. The need to work for the win hasn’t changed, nor has the need of a good team working together to gain success. Extreme Exteriors continues to enhance the important things I’ve believed in throughout my athletic coaching career. Every day is an opportunity just as it’s always been — only now our Extreme Exteriors team can play again tomorrow and we don’t have to wait until the next season! 






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