October 27, 2016 Kerstin Bodily

Blake and Leslie Fulenwider



  • Project: Pool and spa, outdoor kitchen, basketball court, pavers, sod, landscaping, outdoor living accents
  • Why: Their outdoor living space is where they can slow down and enjoy every day moments as a family. They spend more time outside than anywhere else in the home.  This is where they can be together, “taking it all in.”
  • Extreme Exteriors Services Used: Design, Construction, Retail

Imagine for a moment the excitement and wonder you might have felt as a child catching a firefly in a jar. Taking a close-up look, you would admire the firefly’s light and might question how it could be such a unique and awesome creation. There is a thrill from seeing something beautiful in the natural world, and the Fulenwider’s home is a showcase for many of these awe-inspiring natural elements: stone, water, wood, and beautiful plants in every direction.

Leslie said she is huge on aesthetics and that she and Blake really knew what they wanted. Being able to work with the Extreme Exteriors team gave them everything they were looking for. The Italian Cypress trees are an example of the kind of streamlined, symmetrical look that Leslie wanted, as was the shape of the pool, and even the seating area. “Randy listened to us and embraced what we wanted. He’s very good at listening and asking the right questions until it’s right and it all clicks.” She said some of the things they were looking for were very specific and the Extreme Exteriors team took care to ensure that they got what they wanted. Some of those specifics were challenging because the team needed to duplicate the look of the previously built-in fireplace and wood beams above the patio.  Meeting challenges such as this is what sets Extreme Exteriors apart from others, thanks to our team members who can design and build structures in addition to designing and building pools.

f4Blake and Leslie love to sit in the black and white swivel chairs, watching TV or keeping an eye on the kids in the pool. The kids are typically sitting at the bar stools, or running back and forth between the basketball court and the pool. All kinds of games take place in the pool — basketball, volleyball, even pool baseball! They also really like playing around the beach entry and using the steps in the pool next to the spa to position players for maximum enjoyment.

Leslie herself enjoys the look of the pool, and how it feels at different times of the day. “Blake and I work out together at 5:30 in the morning, and we’ll catch just a glimmer of light on the pool. f3Then I’ll go out when the full sun is up in the morning and I love how the light hits the water and the pavers. In the afternoon, I’ll take my laptop outside to work, turn on the fans, and the temperature by the pool is just right. In the evening, we’ll all be out there getting a ton of use out of it. I’m not lying, we use it all the time and we can use it for everything. One day it might be a houseful of kids — another day, it might be entertaining a keynote speaker who is in town for an event,” Leslie said. 

No matter if it’s a large gathering or an intimate dinner with close friends, the Fulendwider’s now have the outdoor living area that they envisioned.  The space combines to present a very aesthetically pleasing view, day to day and year to year. The Fulenwider’s know this won’t be their forever home, but they’ve had a lot of fun working with Extreme Exteriors on this space and the experience has given them plenty of ideas of what they’ll do for the next time! We sincerely hope that whenever that time comes, Blake and Leslie will entrust us again to help bring their vision to life.  f1

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