Freshen up for fall

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Spring is the season we typically equate with new life and new growth – a season of renewal. Even with that being true, fall remains an excellent time to breathe new life into the yard or garden. How is that so? Some thoughts probably come to mind easily, such as re-seeding the lawn. But there are other things you can do at this time of year that will make a big difference right now and will also be a benefit come springtime.

Many summer annuals have run their course. Instead of letting their pots stay empty for several months, try planting some winter pansies or ornamental cabbage. If you’re unsure of what to do, just call the ever-helpful Miranda Alumbaugh in our Abilene office and she will be more than happy to give you some pointers! Fall is also a wonderful time to give new trees a healthy start. Planting in the fall allows trees to develop their root system before warmer months roll around. Our Extreme Exteriors designers can help you determine the right trees for your home and our landscaping crews will do an excellent job planting any new trees if that is something you would like help with.

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With our busy lifestyles, sometimes it is hard to keep live plants flourishing. If this is a challenge for you, there are still solutions! Just as cut flowers breathe life into a room, many plants are harvested in the fall and can make your outdoor space look more alive. A few bright orange pumpkins will really add some color, as will striped or spotted gourds. Consider how an interior designer uses texture in a space, and think about adding some corn stalks or hay bales to add variety and visual interest. If you want to add something green, why not consider a small evergreen? They can go in pots or into the ground and will be a welcome constant as the seasons change.

Finally, remember that fall is a wonderful time to plant various tubers and bulbs, giving you something to look forward to when spring does roll around. We encourage you to try one or two things this season to keep your exterior looking fresh and vibrant. We’re here to help if you need a question answered or a design created for your unique space. Most of all, we hope you enjoy this wonderful season of the year!

Team member Steven Crowder

Who he is: Steven Crowder, Branch Production Agent

Steven was born and raised in Abilene, Texas and graduated from Wylie High School. He has been a staple to the Extreme Exteriors team for over ten years! Steven stays very busy overseeing scheduling, purchasing, and receiving at the Abilene branch, and he also has extensive experience as a project manager. When he has downtime, he enjoys golfing and hunting. You may also find him out on the lake or watching a Texas Rangers game. Steven is kind of quiet, but he has a dry sense of humor with a touch of irony that keeps the mood in the office light!

Why he does what he does: “I have been with Extreme Exteriors from the beginning and with Randy before that. I’ve seen many different ideas and designs for clients. When Extreme Exteriors is given an idea for an outdoor living space, I enjoy being part of making it come to life for the client to enjoy their own unique outdoor living.”

Stephen and April Herriage

Project: Pool and spa, custom firepit, pavers, landscaping

Why: Their home is a gathering place for their family. With the addition of the pool, Stephen says the family frequently comes over early and stay late!

Extreme Exteriors Services Used: Design and Construction

Stephen and April love to be outside and with a newly built home, they had a blank canvas to work with. They both wanted to add a pool because as Stephen said, “It’s much better than a swingset!”

The Extreme Exteriors design team created a unique, crescent-shaped spa as well as a jumping rock with waterfall on the far end of the pool. “What he (Randy) drew up, we liked,” Stephen said, “we didn’t tweak it all.” Stephen and April both enjoy looking at these features when they’re inside; in fact, they both said the spa and waterfall are their favorite parts of the design. He also commented that the waterfall is probably the kids’ favorite part because of the jumping rock.

Stephen and April’s experience in working with the Extreme Exteriors team was very positive. Stephen said, “The quality of the work was good and if you could see the original plan, it’s pretty spot on to what I thought I was going to get. Also, at no point did any of them attempt to cut a corner. I feel like it was done right.”

Stephen and April’s only regret is that they didn’t start the project sooner. He said they practically live outside and once their outdoor TV’s are mounted, they may never come back inside! Because the pool is heated and the spa is always warm, they feel that they can get year-round enjoyment of their new outdoor living space. 

Forrest and Candice McCray

Project: Phase 1: Outdoor fireplace, pergola and patio space. Phase 2: Pool and spa, retaining wall and stairs, outdoor lighting

Why: The McCray’s wanted to create an outdoor living space that the whole family could enjoy. They also greatly appreciate their peaceful view of the pond, so they wanted something that complemented the natural beauty they enjoy every day.

Extreme Exteriors services used: Design, construction, retail sales

After completely renovating their home’s interior, Candice and Forrest turned their attention to the outdoor living area. During phase one of construction, the Extreme Exteriors team extended the patio space to accommodate a dining area. A nice seating area by the new outdoor fireplace was also constructed. The McCray’s knew they eventually wanted a pool because they are such outdoor people who love the water. They have access to the pond, but they probably didn’t want to swim in it, unless they planned to paddle alongside the family of beavers that make their home there!

Candice wanted a pool that was beautiful and elegantly simple. Although Extreme Exteriors completed phase one to her liking, Candice spoke with a few other pool builders to see what they could offer. In the end, she was most impressed with the design process Extreme Exteriors offered. She said, “Our pool design was a total collaboration between me, my husband Forrest, and Randy. We told Randy what would go well with our home and he came up with a design. We told him the features that we wanted: a spa, bowls, and a little area that you can take a chair into the pool. Randy came up with the seats underneath the bowls, so if you’re sitting there the water comes from the bowls and runs down your back.”

Candice also worked together closely with project manager Jeremy Scott on details such as the pool’s plaster finish, the columns around the pool, and the design for the wrought-iron gates that will soon be installed.

Candice’s level of involvement has really paid off in terms of her achieving the look that she hoped for. Her advice to anyone who is thinking about working with Extreme Exteriors is, “I would give Extreme Exteriors 100%, totally go with them, and be on the same page. I think it’s important to be involved in the process so that it’s done exactly as you want it. When you’re involved, it’s nice to be able to bounce ideas around. Because sometimes you don’t know what you want and it’s nice to rely on the experts who’ve done it a bunch of times.”

The confidence that Candice and Forrest developed with the Extreme Exteriors team is a huge reason why she would use us again. Their home site is an acre and a half, so they may continue to make changes to it with time. For instance, she’s thinking about adding a seating area with a firepit closer to the pond and installing a small bar area near the dining table.

One little finishing touch Candice may have to add soon is a cute sign that says, “McCray Resort”. Her parents came from South Carolina and couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked. Her mom started calling it the McCray Resort and it really does fit. The elegance and beauty Candice and Forrest wanted to add to their home is abundantly present. A home should reflect who you are, and the McCray’s really got it right due to their level of involvement from start to finish.

Team member Kerstin Bodily

Who she is: Retail sales consultant / Marketing team leader

I grew up in southern Oregon, but I’ve also lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, Olympia, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband Chris and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in December, and we have four children, Elizabeth (15), Bret (13), Ethan (10), and Jenise (9). We moved to Texas seven years ago and I’ve been fortunate to work for Extreme Exteriors the past two years. In my free time I enjoy reading, walking my dog Ashes, visiting friends, scrapbooking and baking. I’m a word nerd so I also love playing Scrabble. 

Why she does what she does: “I love working at Extreme Exteriors for many different reasons. One of them is the quality of our team. I know I’m valued as an important part of Extreme Exteriors, and I equally value the contributions made by other members of the team. Another reason is that our workmanship is so creative. It’s fun to be part of something truly transformative. There’s also a culture of optimism at Extreme Exteriors that makes it enjoyable to come to work every day.” 

Team member Aaron Briley

Who he is: Aaron Briley, Project Manager

Aaron was born and raised in Winters, Texas. He attended Novice High School and Western Texas College and graduated with a degree in Golf Landscaping Technology. Aaron is a Texas Tech Red Raiders fan and his favorite thing about living in Texas is the open attitude to learning and the exceptional friendliness towards new people. Aaron and his wife Mariah have two sons, Quentin (7) and Albert (2). As a family, they enjoy gardening, playing board games, and traveling. In his free time, Aaron likes to golf.

Why he does what he does: “The goal for the Extreme team is to give our customers a living, touchable vision of their dreams. I enjoy being a part of taking someone’s abstract concept and breathe it into a slice of paradise right there in the backyard. We are constantly changing, growing, and helping make the customer happy.”

Vicki and Perry Draper

Project: Outdoor kitchen, landscaping, irrigation

Why: A fire destroyed their home, but it didn’t take away the Draper’s love for their property. They rebuilt their home and outdoor living spaces better than before. They enjoy swimming, playing with their dogs, entertaining, and being together outside as often as possible.

Extreme Exteriors Services Used: Design, construction, retail, maintenance

Vicki and Perry Draper have been through a lot in the past two years with a total loss of their home. The fire destroyed everything, thankfully sparing their family from loss of life. They are both so cheerful, you would never know the trial they went through. They are a great example to their two children, Sadie and Samy, of moving on and not looking back.

Their cheerful personalities are reflected in the bright, happy furniture and décor which brings a fun vibe to their outdoor living areas. Within the last year or so, the Drapers have selected bar stools, dining sets, benches, and more so that there’s plenty of seating when they entertain. “There’s so many places to sit, half of our guests don’t even have to get along!” Perry commented with a laugh.

Perry loves to cook for friends and family and worked with the Extreme Exteriors design team on his outdoor kitchen. Perry had an outdoor kitchen before the fire, but it wasn’t as big as it is now. He has plans in the near future to make it even bigger, as he finds that he’s cooking out often enough that it makes sense to expand. “I want it 100 percent independent from the house, with a full-size refrigerator so I can keep all my stuff out there,” Perry said. He’s also thinking of adding a TV and more cabinet space. He’s eagerly waiting to see what the Extreme Exteriors design team comes up with!

Sadie and Samy love their outdoor space just as much as their parents. They have plenty of room to run around with the pet dogs, play on the play equipment, and most of all swim. Perry said the kids swim almost every night year-round. Vicki loves being outside with the kids and dogs too, and finds she’s at her happiest when the kids are swimming, the dogs are running around, and Perry’s cooking dinner. She loves the privacy and the peacefulness of her home.

Beyond the outdoor kitchen, the Extreme Exteriors team was also able to landscape the front and side yards, which needed a lot of help after the fire. The Drapers are pleased with their landscape design and the team’s efforts to bring new life back to their property. Their home is a true reflection of who they are and we are grateful we’ve played a small part in their story.

Fort Worth location opening soon

The countdown is on to opening our new Fort Worth location! We’ve recently added key staff members and we’re ordering in retail products to fill the new showroom. We’re very pleased with the interest we’ve received from the community and we hope to see a lot of local residents at our grand opening event, which we’ll share on our Facebook page. ( Our goal is to open the store by the end of July.

If you or someone you know is looking for a job, we’re taking applicants now for our frontline crew members as well as project managers and sales team. Interested applicants can email

Here’s a little bit more about our new building!

The building was designed entirely in-house, with input from our executive team members. In many places inside and out, we’ve used materials that we typically build into client projects. This helps clients see the quality and durability of what we offer for their homes or businesses. When the store opens, we invite you to take a look around and see the beautiful Soci tile pavers, Big Ass fans, and Belgard patio pavers.

We often hear people say they’ve noticed our Extreme Exteriors trucks in the area too! The team has the privilege of taking on client work even before the building is fully operational. If you drive by often enough hopefully you’ve started thinking about what we could do to help transform your outdoor living space!

Team member Logan Bussell


Who he is: Logan Bussell, Retail Manager

Logan was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in Overland Park, Kansas. As a youngster, Logan loved playing with legos, puzzles, and tools. He still has the first toolbox his father gave him! Logan’s father worked in home improvement, so Logan was on the job with his dad at a young age, building and learning how to turn houses into homes. Logan then moved to Texas where he met his “Southern Belle” Natalie. Logan says Natalie is the most amazing woman he has ever known and she’s mom to two amazing boys Keller, age 12, Ethan, age 10, and their precious “baby belle”, Stella Rose, age nine months. As a family, they love being active and outside. They like to take their dogs Izzy and Duke to the dog park, they enjoy camping, and they love to attend the boys’ baseball games. Speaking of baseball, Logan remains a big fan of the Kansas City Royals, but Natalie is a diehard Rangers fan, so now he is too!

Why he does what he does:

Logan says, “I do what I do for Family, not just mine but for all of ours — the team members, the clients, and the entire communities we serve. Randy and Mikea Glenn are the reason I get to be there for my family, the reason I get to tuck my baby belle in every night and wake up with her every morning. It’s because of them I am able to be involved with the boys’ endless amount of activities. Ultimately, it’s because of them that I get to be the father and husband my family deserves. Extreme Exteriors is another name for Family. I am so blessed to be a part of that family and to have the opportunity to serve yours.”

The Oasis at Pavilion Park


photo courtesy: McDougal Construction

Client: The Oasis at Pavilion Park

Project: Large pool for residents, outdoor game area, putting green, dog park, landscaping

Extreme Exteriors services used: Design, construction, follow-up maintenance

For our monthly client profile we typically highlight a residential project with one homeowner, but this month we decided to showcase a large commercial project, The Oasis at Pavilion Park. The Oasis maintains a feeling of community and encourages its residents to socialize with one another through an open and inviting outdoor area. As evident in the picture above, the outdoor area features a large pool with separate spa, two barbeque spaces, a dog park, a putting green, and another fun space for games. The 336-unit apartment complex and clubhouse was built by McDougal Construction, so the team worked very closely with McDougal on the look and feel of all the outdoor spaces. In speaking with Jennifer Colvard, property manager at Pavilion Park, she told me how much the residents love the pool as well as the other outdoor amenities. “Prospects and residents LOVE our pool! It is one of the biggest features at our community,” she said. On a beautiful, quiet night, we stopped by and visited with the Naylor family. Lindsay Naylor loves how kid-friendly it is. “There’s plenty of space, lots of seating, and we love the ledges for the kiddos. I’m also happy that I don’t have to worry about them going off a diving board!” Many safety concerns and regulations were an important aspect of the job, but a challenge. Chris Cantu, project manager, explained how commercial pools have strict rules and regulations that must be followed in regards to depth markings, hand railings, and much more. The Extreme Exteriors team met the challenge and made a fun, safe pool area for residents and guests. Another important challenge that the Extreme Exteriors team met was in planning and implementing the landscape for such a large community. Project coordinator Jeanie Russell explained, “We had hundreds of trees, plants, and shrubs to order, some of which were uncommon plant species and not easily obtained. I worked with team member Jessica Lee to track down the plants we needed so the landscape plan could be followed as precisely as possible.” As evident by the community’s name, “The Oasis at Pavilion Park,” the plan was to make a desert oasis with beautiful landscaping that welcomes and gives life to an otherwise barren landscape. The Extreme Exteriors team worked very hard to bring all of the elements together to make this possible. One other element worth mentioning is the dog park, a “mini oasis” for all the furry friends in the community. Dog owner Michael Littrell, a facilities engineer with Chevron, brings his two dogs Ellie and Ziva out at about the same time every night. “We come down here about the same time each night, which is fun because a group of us end up being here about the same time. We get to see each other and the dogs get to play.” This shared space helps strengthen the bonds of community and definitely keeps the dogs happy! Once the dogs are worn out from playing, Michael will head down to the pool and lay out – not every night, but whenever it sounds good. The option to lay out, swim, play, or just hang out with friends makes the Oasis at Pavilion Park true to its name. Helping make this beautiful community a reality was definitely a challenge, but we’re proud we were able to be a big part of it.

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