September 24, 2016 Kerstin Bodily

Ali and Craig Hanagan

Clients: Craig and Ali Hanagan hanagan-010r

Project: Pool and spa, outdoor kitchen, outdoor lighting, fence, and landscaping

Why: They love being outside as a family and they wanted to create a place where they could relax and their kids could play.

Services Used: Design, pool and landscape construction

When Craig and Ali bought their home in Midland, they quickly realized that the only member of the family who enjoyed the backyard was their pet dog, Chip. hanagan-015rChip loved digging and romping around in the bark mulch. The kids, however, were uncomfortably hot playing on the artificial turf, and Ali and Craig didn’t have much reason to even venture outside, although they both consider themselves outdoor people. After one particularly hot Independence Day with family visiting and no relief from the heat, Ali and Craig decided it was time to seriously consider renovating the backyard.

Ali and Craig’s top priorities were to have a spa and a beach entry. hanagan-012rThe pool that the design team came up with includes both of these and other beautiful features such as the water fountains and a gas firepit. hpoolatnightThey love turning off the pool lights and the landscape lights and turning on the firepit, watching the firelight dance as they relax in the spa. They were both also pleasantly surprised with how much they enjoy the sound of the cascading water. “We love hearing the fountains in the morning when we’re out drinking coffee. And at night, the fountains also drown out any traffic noise,” Ali said.  hanagan-006r

Another sound barrier that the Extreme Exteriors team worked to create was the tall fence. This is also a great privacy screen. The height is proportional to the elevated patio area, where sunbathers can relax or the kids can jump hanagan-019rfro into the pool below. A second patio area extends just out from the backdoor and adjacent to the new outdoor kitchen.  Everything was considered, including a grassy area for the kids to play when they’re not enjoying the pool.

Ali is happy that everything went according to plan. She and Craig originally planned on getting other bids for the job, but they were very encouraged with the design plan from the start and felt confident that the Extreme Exteriors team could produce the expected results. “Everything went really well and according to schedule,” Ali said.

The Hanagans look forward to many fun times outside in their new backyard. Long gone are the days when they couldn’t sit outside for more than ten minutes at a time. Whether they’re enjoying a meal with friends, watching their kids play in the pool, relaxing at night in the spa, or simply listening to the gentle sound of the water fountains, they have the backyard that they envisioned and that the Extreme Exteriors team had the privilege to build for them.   

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