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Have you ever tasted a dish so delicious that you just had to find the recipe? When you join the community of Big Green Egg aficionados, you’ll be blown away at how much amazing food you can cook on your EGG. Whether you’re cooking for two on a BGE Minimax, or cooking for a crowd on an extra-large EGG, you can guarantee that friends and family will ask you, “How does this taste so amazing?”

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Let’s face it, cooking is work, but the Big Green Egg makes it fun and easy! Getting the temperature right is simple, with the high-quality temperature gauge that measures accurately up to 750 degrees F. Big Green Egg also offers several digital thermometers, so you’re never guessing about the meat’s internal temperature.

Prepping your EGG is a breeze, with BGE’s own organic charcoal that has no by-products, chemical fillers, or petroleum additives. Use BGE’s all-natural charcoal starters or the Looftlighter to get your charcoal ready. Throw in some BGE wood chips to create your signature flavor! Choose from mesquite, hickory, cherry, pecan, and even Jack Daniel’s barrel chips to create hundreds of mouth-watering combinations. Caroline McCann, owner of Braeside Meat Market said, “Once I did a home-made bacon smoking demo on the Big Green Egg using some smoking chips and the result was ridiculously divine. When I opened the lid ready to remove the bacon, the smell reached the audience and there was a collective sigh and everyone looked longingly towards the EGG – I wish I’d taken a photo.”*

You’ll have photo-worthy results every time because the EGG is so consistent. The EGG was specifically engineered to provide the best heat retention, durability, and strength of any outdoor cooker on the market. These qualities make the EGG the product that withstands the test of time and can even be handed down from one generation to the next!

photo courtesy: Lauren Wilson, Extreme Exteriors

photo courtesy: Lauren Wilson, Extreme Exteriors

Literally anyone can cook, grill, or even bake on the BGE. Vivian Howard of Chef & the Farmer in North Carolina said, “At first we were a bit intimidated by the EGG because it’s such an impressive looking piece of equipment. You might think it requires a tremendous amount of skill to use, but it’s infinitely easier than our old grill. I was never the one in my family to cook on the grill and now, more often than not, I am. The EGG has made me the grill cook that I always thought I could be.”*

Essex residence

photo courtesy: Anchoring Hope Photography, Essex residence

Using BGE items such as the baking stone or the Conveggctor, any pizzas, breads, or pies will turn out perfectly. The Conveggctor provides a heat-directing barrier between the charcoal and the food, essentially turning it into an outdoor convection oven.

Many Extreme Exterior’s clients love to use the EGG, and our construction team often builds them into our clients’ outdoor kitchens. Our showrooms in Midland and Abilene also have a good selection of EGGs and accessory items so you can see for yourself how impressive they are. You can find even more cooking tips, warranty information, and tasty recipes on the Big Green Egg website. Once you’re cooking with your own EGG, you can join the online EGGhead forum, and share the unique culinary creations that you achieve. So come see us to buy your EGG and get grilling!

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